General Terms and Conditions Corporate Apartments

updated 2019-01-22

1 Introduction

1.1 These terms and conditions (below T&C’s) define the applicable conditions when a customer company (below Customer) rents temporary accommodation from the supplier Corporate Apartments Swedrent AB (below Corporate Apartments). These T&C’s are part of the rental agreement between the Customer and Corporate Apartments.

1.2 The rental agreement between the Customer and Corporate Apartments is generally referred to as a booking or reservation (below Booking).

1.3 The Customer is represented by a contact person who makes the booking (below Customer Representative). This Customer Representative does not need to be an owner, board member or employee of the Customer or have formal signatory rights for the Customer, but will be considered to have implied authority to represent the Customer and make a Booking. The Customer is also represented by its staff members or others who are staying in the accommodations (below Guests). Both the Customer Representative and the Guests as well as all other customer representatives or affiliates will be included when the T&C’s refers to the Customer.

1.4 Corporate Apartments is only represented by its employees, who have authority to act within the limits of their employment contracts. Other affiliated persons, for example house owners or contracted services, cannot enter binding agreements on Corporate Apartments’ behalf.

1.5 The Customer and Corporate Apartments are hereafter jointly referred to as the parties (below Parties).

1.6 If special conditions are agreed upon in a Booking, they take precedence over the more general T&C’s. However, all Booking conditions shall be interpreted in the light of the T&C’s.

2 Booking Procedure

2.1 The standard booking procedure starts with the Customer and Corporate Apartments getting in contact, whereafter Corporate Apartments sends a written quotation/offer (below Offer) with T&C’s to the Customer. The Offer is confirmed by the Customer to Corporate Apartments in writing via e-mail or text message or other medium agreed upon by the Parties. Corporate Apartments then sends out a written booking confirmation (Confirmation). The Booking is made when the written Confirmation is sent, and both Parties are bound to the T&C’s. Shortly after the Customer will receive the first invoice, and a few days before the start of the Booking the Customer will receive arrival information with details on how to access the accommodation.

2.2 The Customer Representative is responsible for reviewing all aspects of the Booking. When the Customer Representative confirms a Booking, the Customer accepts the T&C’s.

3 Booking Changes

3.1 If the Customer wishes to change a Booking, the request shall be made to Corporate Apartments’ Booking Department as soon as possible, preferably by e-mail. The change is only valid when Corporate Apartments has confirmed it by sending a written change confirmation.

3.2 In the event of structural, technical, contractual or other problems with the booked accommodation, Corporate Apartments reserves the right to offer alternative accommodation with similar conditions instead of the original accommodation. Corporate Apartments thereby owns the right, at any time, before arrival or during the Booking period, to transfer the Customer to an equivalent accommodation, without being liable to pay damages or in other ways compensate the Customer. If the transfer involves a substantial deterioration for the Customer, both Parties have the right to cancel the Booking. However, Corporate Apartments will not assume responsibility for any additional costs incurred by the Customer, for example the costs associated with a transfer or cancellation of a Booking.

3.3 Booking changes have a 30 days notice period. This means that changes that are made more than 30 days in advance will not be charged.

3.4 If the Customer has made a Booking with a given discount based on certain circumstances, for example the length of the Booking, the rental cost may be changed to the standard rate if the agreed circumstances are later changed, for example if the Booking is shortened. This does not constitute a right for the Customer to get a continued discount if the Booking is later extended.

4 Booking Cancellations

4.1 If the Customer wishes to cancel a Booking, the request shall be made to Corporate Apartments’ Booking Department as soon as possible, preferably by e-mail. The cancellation is only valid when Corporate Apartments has confirmed it by sending a written cancellation confirmation.

4.2 Booking cancellations have a 30 days notice period. This means that cancellations that are made more than 30 days in advance will not be charged.

5 Security Deposit

5.1 Corporate Apartments always charges a security deposit (below Deposit) equal to 30 days’ rent. This Deposit must be paid before the Customer gains access to the accommodation or according to the due date on the invoice, whichever date comes first.

5.2 The Deposit will be credited when the Booking has ended and an inspection has been carried out. The credit note may be used as payment for other invoices with Corporate Apartments, or of course reimbursed upon request.

5.3 The cost of any damage caused by the Customer or guests through intent or negligence will be regulated via the Deposit. Additional financial impositions may be made on the Customer if the Deposit is insufficient to cover the cost of damages, additional cleaning or other costs incurred.

6 Payment Terms

6.1 The rent is to be paid monthly in advance. Corporate Apartments will invoice the Customer, and the invoices are to be paid in accordance with the due date. Corporate Apartments reserves the right to charge 10 percent penalty interest rate per annum on late payments.

6.2 The first rental charge is made for the period between the date when the Booking starts until the last day of the first rental month. Invoicing subsequently takes place on a monthly basis.

6.3 The Deposit and first rent has to be paid in order to give the Customer access to the accommodation.

6.4 When a Booking has ended, Corporate Apartments is entitled to settle all unpaid invoices by making use of the Deposit. This includes for example unpaid rental charges and cancellation fees.

6.5 In certain circumstances, for example because of previous late payments or suspected financial problems, Corporate Apartments reserves the right to require that the Customer pays up to the total amount of the entire or the remaining Booking in one payment, or pays a bigger Deposit. If this payment does not reach Corporate Apartments in accordance with the due date on the invoice, Corporate Apartments is entitled to immediately cancel the Booking.

6.6 If the invoice payments are not received in accordance with the payment conditions, Corporate Apartments is entitled to deny the Customer access to the accommodation or to cancel the Booking. In addition, Corporate Apartments is entitled to remove the Guests’ personal belongings at the Customer’s expense. The cost will include the time and other costs incurred in connection with the removal, as well as any costs for storing the belongings. The belongings will be returned when the debt is settled. This however, must take place within 60 days, after which the Customer’s right to recover the Guests’ belongings is lost and the belongings may either be disposed of or become the property of Corporate Apartments.

6.7 However, the above mentioned right for Corporate Apartments to cancel a Booking if the invoices are not paid on time, does not constitute a right for the Customer to use late payments as a way to avoid the notice period. If the unpaid invoices can be seen as the Customer’s method to cancel a Booking, Corporate Apartments reserves the right to charge rent for the notice period according to the usual change and cancellation policy (see 3.3 and 4.2).

6.8 Corporate Apartments reserves the right to raise the rents with 2 percent annually in order to meet the suppliers’ rental increases and increased running costs as well as inflation.

6.9 Corporate Apartments also reserves the right to raise the agreed rental cost on a certain Booking when needed, in the situation that Corporate Apartments’ costs for the booked accommodation has increased. However, these rental increases will be made with 30 days notice, and will therefore give a possibility for the Customer to cancel the Booking before the rentalincrease is introduced.

7 Transfer of Booking

7.1 If the Customer wishes to transfer a Booking to another company, the request shall be made to Corporate Apartments’ Booking Department as soon as possible, preferably by e-mail. The transfer is only valid when Corporate Apartments has confirmed it in writing.

7.2 The existing Booking between the Customer and Corporate Apartments will then be cancelled, and a new Booking will be made with the other company. The new company will have to pay its own Deposit, and the Customer’s Deposit will be credited.

7.3 Corporate Apartments will try to accommodate the Customer’s wishes regarding transfer dates, but cannot guarantee that all requests can be met, since invoices and contracts cannot always be changed retroactively.

8 Rent, Running Costs and Additional Services

8.1 The rent includes rental of the accommodation as well as rental of basic furniture, kitchen appliances, towels and sheets. A complimentary starter kit of cleaning material is provided upon arrival.

8.2 Included in the rent is also normal running costs and taxes, such as property tax, normal consumption of gas, electricity, water, garbage collections and wireless internet. However, all consumption exceeding what can be considered normal, will be charged.

8.3 To avoid expensive additional bills, please make sure the Guests follow these recommendations: Always keep windows and doors closed, except for brief airing sessions, especially during cold weather. Normal indoor temperature in Sweden is 19-21 degrees during winter, and might be higher in summer. Waste separate properly to minimise the mixed waste and go to the recycle station regularly. Do not leave electrical equipment, machines, running water or saunas on. Think about the environment and try to be as energy efficient as possible.

8.4 Access to one parking space for a normal-sized personal car is also often included in the rent, but not always. Corporate Apartments cannot be held responsible for parking penalties or additional parking costs caused by third parties.

8.5 Corporate Apartments has adapted the accommodation to suit a set number of people. This refers to furniture, kitchenware, bedding, internet etc. If the Customer wishes additional equipment, cleaning service or TV channels, this might be supplemented by Corporate Apartments if specifically agreed and at an additional charge.

9 The Customer’s Obligations and Responsibilities

9.1 The Customer and the Guests agree to the following:

9.1.1 To only use the rented accommodation as temporary accommodation. It is not allowed as permanent residency, and it is not allowed for Guests to register at the address (“folkbokföring”).

9.1.2 To correctly answer the e-mail ”Important information required by law” and provide Corporate Apartments with all required information before arrival, in order to follow Swedish legislation.

9.1.3 To only allow people who are registered via the e-mail "Important information required by law" to stay in the accommodation, and to not in any way make available or transfer the accommodation to another external party without prior written consent from Corporate Apartments.

9.1.4 To not exceed the number of people permitted to stay in the accommodation. The number of Guests is specified in the Booking. If the number of Guests changes, Corporate Apartments shall be notified without delay. If there is an increase in the number of people in the accommodation, Corporate Apartments is entitled to increase the rent accordingly because of increased wear and tear as well as running costs. Corporate Apartments can also deny more Guests, if the accommodation is not adapted for such a number.

9.1.5 To ensure that all personal items and property belonging to the Customer or the Guests are insured. Corporate Apartments’ insurance covers the accommodation and the furniture and equipment belonging to Corporate Apartments.

9.1.6 To report discovered damages on or problems with the accommodation or the furniture without delay to Corporate Apartments’ Service Department upon arrival. This is to avoid being held responsible for damages inflicted by others.

9.1.7 To always take good care of the accommodation and its surroundings. The accommodation is rented with a self-care policy, so the Guests are expected to take care of minor maintenance tasks themselves, for example changing fuses and light bulbs, restarting wifi routers, emptying washer and dryer filters, grass mowing and snow shovelling. If there is a problem that cannot be solved easily, please inform Corporate Apartments’ Service Department.

9.1.8 To maintain a good sanitary level in the accommodation and to clean regularly.

9.1.9 To follow all garbage instructions, including to waste separate and recycle according to Swedish rules and legislation.

9.1.10 To follow specific rules and instructions for every accommodation, given in the arrival and departure information or by Corporate Apartments’ Service Department.

9.1.11 To regularly empty the letter box and dispose of advertisements and newspapers. If the Guests find post aimed for Corporate Apartments or others, please inform Corporate Apartments’ Service Department.

9.1.12 To keep the accommodation adequately heated at all times to avoid damages on for example pipes and other plumbing.

9.1.13 To immediately report any damage or risk of damage in the accommodation or its surroundings to Corporate Apartments’ Service Department. The Customer will be held liable if damages to the accommodation or interior is worsened because of lacking information.

9.1.14 To immediately report signs or suspicions of pests or rodents, for example rats, cockroaches or bedbugs to Corporate Apartments’ Service Department. The Guests then also need to follow instructions from the pest control company to ensure that the sanitation process is effective. If it is likely that the Guests are responsible for causing the pests, the costs induced may be charged the Customer.

9.1.15 To take relevant measures to ensure that the accommodation does not become damaged by weather. For example, to always keep windows and doors closed to prevent damages by rainfall, snowfall or wind.

9.1.16 To ensure that the accommodation is always kept locked, and that windows and balcony doors are closed and, if possible, locked when the Guests are not in the accommodation or when they are not in immediate proximity of the open or unlocked entries.

9.1.17 To not remove furniture or other equipment from the accommodation without written permission from Corporate Apartments’ Service Department.

9.1.18 To not overload the accommodation’s electrical system. In most accommodations, it is not possible to use many electrical appliances at once, so please exercise caution. If there is an electrical problem in the accommodation, the Guests are responsible for checking the fuse box in the accommodation and replacing broken fuses before contacting Corporate Apartments’ Service Department.

9.1.19 To not manipulate or alter the TV, internet or router connections or their passwords.

9.1.20 To not manipulate or alter the fire alarm, burglar alarm, electricity, heating, water, sewerage or other systems in the accommodation. Changing of fuses is not considered as a manipulation or alteration, since changing broken fuses is part of the Customer’s responsibilities.

9.1.21 To actively prevent the risk of fire in the accommodation, and to notify Corporate Apartments’ Service Department if the provided fire extinguisher or fire blanket need to be replaced. The Customer is responsible for changing batteries in the fire alarms when needed. If the accommodation is at our apartment hotel at Fågelviksvägen 1B in Norsborg; A penalty of SEK 10,000 will be charged to the Company every time a fire alarm is set off by mistake, from dry cooking, burnt food, manipulated fire detector, smoking indoors or other reason.

9.1.22 To not install their own satellite dish in the accommodation without permission from Corporate Apartments.

9.1.23 To buy their own cleaning detergents, soap, hoover bags, toilet rolls etc when the provided starting kit is finished.

9.1.24 To not use gym or exercise equipment indoors without floor protection. Damages on floors will be charged.

9.1.25 To not change the locks to the accommodation or add their own. This includes not changing the codes to the key box.

9.1.26 To only use the assigned parking spaces and to follow applicable parking rules in the area. The Customer is responsible for any parking fines or costs for the removal of vehicles belonging to the Customer or Guests.

9.1.27 If the accommodation is a house or a semi-detached or terraced house; to keep outdoor staircases, balconies, patios, driveways, paths and passageways to the accommodation, safe and free from snow and ice. Corporate Apartments shall not be liable for any injury as a result of, for example, a person slipping on ice or snow within the accommodation’s grounds/garden areas.

9.1.28 To not smoke indoors. A penalty of SEK 10,000 will be charged to the Company every time a Guest smoke indoors. If professional sanitation is necessary, the cost will be charged to the Company. The smoking ban also applies to stairwells, lifts and other indoor areas within the accommodation.

9.1.29 To not smoke outdoors in places where this creates an inconvenience for neighbours. Please find a place outdoors, where smoking is not disturbing others. When smoking outdoors, the Guests must always gather their cigarette butts and place them in fireproof containers. Cigarette butts may not under any circumstances be thrown from balconies or patios or left so they clutter up the garden or surrounding area or cause problems for neighbours or damage other people’s property.

9.1.30 If there is a garden or outdoor area belonging to the accommodation; to regularly mow the grass lawn and take care of basic gardening. Grass mower and necessary gardening tools shall be provided by Corporate Apartments, so contact Corporate Apartments’ Service Department if they are missing or inadequate.

9.1.31 To not shake carpets, clothing or bedding from balconies when this creates an inconvenience for neighbours.

9.1.32 To not bring animals into the accommodation. Pets are not allowed.

9.1.33 To be a good neighbour. Show consideration for people nearby and follow the rules that apply to the building or the neighbourhood. It is important to keep noise levels to a minimum in the accommodation and in common areas, especially between 21.00 and 09.00.

9.1.34 To not run a business in or from the accommodation nor to engage in activities contrary to Swedish law.

9.1.35 Upon departure; to leave the accommodation on time, in a clean and orderly manner and to follow the departure information that is sent out a couple of days before the Booking ends. The accommodation must be properly cleaned and put back in order, and all keys and access cards must be handed over to Corporate Apartments according to the given instructions.

9.1.36 To not have direct dealings with the supplier of the booked accommodation, i.e the property owner or their representatives, unless this is specifically instructed by Corporate Apartments. All questions or information regarding the accommodation or the Booking shall be referred to Corporate Apartments. The Customer also undertakes not to enter a rental agreement directly with the supplier of the booked accommodation within three months after the Booking with Corporate Apartments has ended, without prior written consent from Corporate Apartments. Violations will lead to the Customer being charged the cost to cover Corporate Apartments’ loss of income during that time.

9.2 If any of the responsibilities and obligations in section 9 are violated, there will be consequences. The consequences may include for example an invoice, a complaint or a formal warning. If the breach is serious or if the Customer has been issued three warnings in total, the Booking may be cancelled and all relating costs will be invoiced.

9.3 The Customer is responsible for all complaints and damages in the accommodation and in its surroundings caused by intent or carelessness. This includes damage to the furniture and other equipment. This applies to damage caused by the Customer, the Guests or external guests, or if the accommodation has been left unlocked and a burglary or other trespass has taken place.

9.4 The Customer will be charged the cost for repairing damages and for replacing missing items. Corporate Apartments is always looking to find the most cost-efficient way to do this, but if needed, Corporate Apartments will hire the requisite and certified craftsmen at the Customer’s expense. The Customer is also liable vis-à-vis Corporate Apartments if it is not possible to rent out the accommodation during the time the accommodation is being repaired.

9.5 If the Customer violates the above-mentioned rules so severely that Corporate Apartments’ rental agreement with the accommodation owner is terminated, Corporate Apartments has the right to charge the Customer the equivalent of 365 days’ rent to cover loss of income and the cost of moving out and returning the accommodation. The Customer will also have to fully compensate Corporate Apartments for all further costs, settlements or claims that Corporate Apartments might be liable to pay to third parties following the Customer’s violations.

10 Corporate Apartments’ Obligations and Responsibilities

10.1 Corporate Apartments undertakes the following:

10.1.1 That the accommodation is clean and in order as well as complies with other agreed conditions on the arrival day as far as it is reasonably possible.

10.1.2 To carry out regular services and make necessary repairs so the accommodation is habitable and offers an appropriate standard as far as it is reasonably possible.

10.1.3 To provide the Customer with working internet, electricity, heat, water and sewerage as far as it is reasonably possible.

10.1.4 To provide the Customer with the necessary keys, access cards and codes.

10.1.5 To be accessible during business hours for questions, booking enquiries, maintenance issues or other feedback. Outside of business hours, Corporate Apartments is only accessible on an emergency phone number, meant for urgent problems that cannot wait.

11 Inspections and Access to the Accommodation

11.1 Corporate Apartments reserves the right to access the accommodation at all times. Most times, the visits will be announced to the Customer in advance, but they can also be unannounced. Of course, all visits will be carried out professionally and with respect for Guests and their personal space. Visits are usually made to help with a maintenance issue, or to carry out cleaning inspections.

11.2 Corporate Apartments purpose with conducting impromptu inspections during the Booking, is to ensure that the Customer is taking good care of the accommodation, keeping a good sanitary level at all times and following the rules set out in the T&C’s. If any sanitary deficiencies or other points of negligence are detected, the Customer shall be notified and, if possible, be offered the possibility to redress the deficiency. Within a reasonable time after such notification, a follow-up inspection will be carried out. If the deficiency is urgent or if the Customer has still not taken corrective action when the follow-up inspection takes place, Corporate Apartments has the right to redress the problem at the Customer’s expense.

12 Force Majeure

12.1 Corporate Apartments shall not be held responsible for damage or problems caused by any legislative or regulatory event, government action, crises, strike, blockade, boycott, lockout, natural disasters, war, or any other similar event that is outside Corporate Apartments’ control. Even in other cases, Corporate Apartments cannot be held responsible, if Corporate Apartments has been normally diligent in connection with the events.

13 Personal Data Protection and E-mail Marketing

13.1 Corporate Apartments will gather, manage and store personal data in accordance with the governing data protection legislation (GDPR), and the Customer agrees to this when making a Booking and accepting these T&C’s.

13.2 Corporate Apartments will contact customer representatives regarding Bookings and other accommodation requests. If a Customer Representative does not approve of this, please refer Corporate Apartments to another Customer Representative, since the information is crucial to provide the agreed service.

13.3 Corporate Apartments will also contact customer representatives in marketing actions. If a customer representative does not want to receive these marketing efforts, please click unsubscribe in the e-mail or contact Corporate Apartments directly.

13.4 If the Customer wants to know more about Corporate Apartments’ privacy policy and personal data protection, or if a customer representative wants to be erased from all Corporate Apartments’ systems, please contact Corporate Apartments.

14 Conflict Resolution

14.1 Disputes in connection with the Booking or between the Parties shall be resolved in accordance with Swedish law at a Swedish court.