We have a number of modern apartments for rent in nice living areas in the south of Borås, for example at Lars Kaggsgatan, Bygatan and Alvestagatan. The accommodations in Borås are situated close to the national motorways number 40 and 41, which makes it easy for transportation to the work place.

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This is always included in the rent:

Heating and electricity

Bed linen and towels

Furniture and fully equipped kitchen

Access to laundry options

TV and Wi-Fi


Staff accommodation for workers and managers

All our apartments for rent are specially adapted to suit staff in the construction and contracting industry, for both work teams and managers. We know the industry well and therefore we are aware of how difficult it can be to find good housing solutions for employees at another location during a project or other temporary assignment.

Whether you are staying for a shorter or longer period, we have affordable options for your company. Our company accommodations are always competitive compared to Swedish hostels and hotels.

About Borås

Borås is the 15th biggest city in Sweden and it is located in the west region of the country, 60 km east of Göteborg (Gothenburg). It is a node for railway traffic and has historically been a strong-hold for the Swedish textile industry.

Borås is under development and growing rapidly. Borås is expected to grow by 30,000 new inhabitants by the year 2035. This will mean a housing need of about 15,000 new homes in the entire municipality. Housing construction will be concentrated in attractive locations such as in the city center, Gässlösa and Knalleland. This is because they want to be able to meet demand but at the same time enable sustainable urban development with a vibrant and growing city center.

Borås grows mainly in the city center but also at the four service locations Dalsjöfors, Fristad, Sandared and Viskafors. The city is developing as the municipality’s and Sjuhärad’s core with a large range of housing and workplaces, shops, culture and entertainment. The city is the hub of the regional infrastructure. The service areas are strengthened as local centers for surrounding towns and rural areas, with a good range of housing, everyday services and public transport.

You can read more about Borås on the city website, on wikipedia or on the visitors service website.

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