We have both houses and apartments for rent in Sandviken. We offer housing in different sizes and price ranges for construction companies and worker teams. Contact us about short- or long-term accommodation in Sandviken for your company!

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This is always included in the rent:

Heating and electricity

Bed linen and towels

Furniture and fully equipped kitchen

Access to laundry options

TV and Wi-Fi


Staff accommodation for workers and managers

All our apartments for rent are specially adapted to suit staff in the construction and contracting industry, for both work teams and managers. We know the industry well and therefore we are aware of how difficult it can be to find good housing solutions for employees at another location during a project or other temporary assignment.

Whether you are staying for a shorter or longer period, we have affordable options for your company. Our company accommodations are always competitive compared to Swedish hostels and hotels.

About Sandviken

Sandviken is a municipality in Gävleborg County in the province of Gästrikland. The municipality has an area of 1 165 km² and a population of approximately 39 000. Sandviken is close to Gävle where we also have accomodations. Sandviken has good infrastructure and a good logistics location along the E16 and close to the E4. The region is an industrial region and has been so for many years. Since our industrial sector has long been strongly production-oriented, the region has very expansive infrastructure with a road network stretching in all directions to be able to supply the industrial sector with raw materials and enable outbound delivery of final products.

Sandviken is growing and developing at a rapid pace. The planning for housing estimates that there will be 43,800 inhabitants by the year 2030. The municipality has three overall goals for where Sandviken will be in 2030. Sandviken municipality wants Sandviken to take great responsibility for sustainable development. They aim to be at the forefront, both nationally and internationally, in the development of fossil-independent transport. They also emphasize that they want to be a municipality with a healthy living environment. They want proud residents who feel proud and safe and have the opportunity to participate in society. One goal is to manage land and water resources by densifying existing buildings. The last overall goal is that by 2030, all land in Sandviken municipality will be used for what it is best suited for. All decisions concerning land and water use have long been based on long-term sustainable development. Special consideration has been given in planning to sensitive cultural environments.

You can read more about Sandviken on wikipedia or on the visitors service website.

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