Staff Accommodation in Helsingborg

Long-stay accommodations for rent in Helsingborg

We offer a number of apartments and houses in different sizes and price ranges for rent as staff accommodation in Helsingborg,south of Sweden. We also have accommodations in Malmö, Eslöv, Staffanstorp, Lund and other towns in the area.

Staff accommodation in Helsingborg for workers and managers

All our accommodations are specially adapted to suit staff in the construction and contracting industry, both work teams and managers. We know the industry well and we are aware of how difficult it can be to find good accommodation for employees at another location during a project or other temporary assignment.

Whether you are staying for a shorter or longer period, we have affordable options for your company. Our company accommodations are always competitive compared to Swedish hostels and hotels.

About Helsingborg

Helsingborg is the central town in the municipality of Helsingborg and is located in northwestern Skåne County. Helsingborg is located on the narrowest part of the Öresund, where only 3,750 meters separate the city from Elsinore in Denmark.

Skåne in Sweden and Själland (the biggest island in Denmark) together form the “Öresund region“. Since the bridge between Malmö in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark opened in 2000, the region has been booming. It is a hot spot for infrastructure projects, research and development at the science facilities in Lund and other cultural and business related initiatives.

Helsingborg is under development. During the autumn of 2021 and the spring of 2022, it is planned, among other things, to rebuild and improve Fågelsångsgatan and Norra Storgatan. Here it will be rebuilt to make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists, while at the same time wanting to strengthen the street’s identity and elevate its historic character. As part of the improvement, the streets will have wider sidewalks. The parking spaces along the street will be retained as far as possible, but the city of Helsingborg believes that more space will also be made for outdoor cafes. The lane will have more greenery and better lighting. 

Fågelstångsstråket stretches from St. Jörgen’s place in the north to Trädgårdsgatan in the south. In the long run, the entire Fågelsångsstråket will be rebuilt, but work will begin in the northern part. 

You can read more about Helsingborg on the city website, on wikipedia or on the visitors service website.

This is always included in the rent

  • TV & Wifi





Example images from our accommodations in Skåne (south Sweden):