Accommodation for Summer Workers

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Accommodation for Summer Workers
Corporate Apartments

Providing Accommodation for Summer Workers

Summer jobs are an opportunity for many to earn extra money and gain experience. However, it can be an extra challenge to find suitable accommodation for temporary summer workers. Hostels and cottages are often occupied by holidaying tourists, and since the accommodation is temporary, it can be difficult to find apartments or houses.

Finding affordable, comfortable, and safe places to stay during the limited time can be challenging. Often, there is a lack of options, and the available places may be far from the worksite or lack necessary amenities. It is often difficult for individual summer workers to find their own accommodation, especially if they live far from the workplace, perhaps even in another country. Language barriers can also pose problems when searching for suitable accommodation.

As employers, it may be important to offer employees assistance with this, and at Corporate Apartments, we specialize in providing various accommodation solutions throughout Sweden, focusing on workers in fields such as construction and engineering, but can also offer our services to berry pickers, harvest workers and personnel in tourism and entertainment. Our approach is tailored for both long and short stays, allowing us to find flexible solutions for summer workers.

The Importance of Providing Suitable Accommodation

For employers, the housing issue is about building a good reputation, attracting competent workers, and enabling staff to work efficiently. Accommodation is a crucial part of building a positive work environment where everyone thrives and performs at their best. A safe and comfortable living environment can help reduce stress and increase satisfaction, which in turn can positively impact workers' performance and engagement.

We Assist with Summer Accommodation

To solve the challenge of housing for workers during the summer months, creative and innovative solutions are needed. We can help through our extensive network of contacts with both local and national housing companies and individuals. This allows us to, together with you, find good solutions for temporary summer workers regardless of where in Sweden you need accommodation, and whether you prefer an apartment or a house. We can usually find solutions even at short notice, but it's good to plan ahead, and if you already know in the spring that you will need extra accommodation for summer workers, contact us as soon as possible. Even though our office is closed during the industrial holiday weeks 28-31, our operations and emergency services are available so that you can access our services during these weeks as well.

Our company accommodations always offer the possibility of self-catering, parking, Wi-Fi, etc. You can read more about our corporate accommodations here.