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Sales Record at Corporate Apartments

We are celebrating: This month we have reached an all time high record in sales! The market is moving fast and we are so happy and grateful for the trust we receive from our customers. Every day we work to improve our service in order to help in the best possible way. Do you also […]

Stockholm Living room

Have you started to prepare for 2023? We are working on identifying the projects our customers will be working on during 2023 and the following needs for accommodation. To be able to work proactively and offer good solutions where the needs are, would you be interested in sharing you plans for 2023 with us? That […]

Surely it would be nice if we could make your stay in Sweden a little easier, right? We have upcoming available accommodations in: Stockholm – Both apartments and houses on the north and south side of Stockholm. Göteborg – We’re noticing a high demand on houses in Göteborg, therefore we’re happy to tell you that […]

Borås is an old city with many nice places to visit, in the middle of Västra Götaland in southern Sweden. The city is famous for its old textile industry which you can also spot on the many elegant and rustic buildings around the city. Borås offers a charming town centered around the river Viskan, which […]

Lund is a charming city in southern Sweden with many attractions for visitors. The historical city center is build around Stortorget and Domkyrkan, the big cathedral, which is over 900 years old. Among cobblestone streets and medieval buildings you will find several nice parks, restaurants, cafés, shops and bars. despite it’s small size, Lund is […]

Stockholm Kungsängen Kitchen

It can be difficult to find a suitable accommodation for the company’s staff during business trips or work projects on another location. Regardless of whether you are on a short business trip with a small group of colleagues or have a work project for several months, it’s important to find a residence that fulfill the […]

fiskeregler sverige

We hope that you have had a lovely summer, and that you’re filled with energy just like us. Most of the Corporate Apartments team is back to work and we are all looking forward to help you find you’re the right house or apartment for your next project!Please let us know what you are looking […]