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Working in another place and city has both advantages and disadvantages. Here we share some tips and tricks that can make your stay easier!

It can be difficult to find a suitable accommodation for the company’s staff during business trips or work projects on another location. Regardless of whether you are on a short business trip with a small group of colleagues or have a work project for several months, it’s important to find a residence that fulfill the needs of the staff and the company’s budget in the best possible way. When comparing a business apartment, apartment hotel, motel and renting a house, there are several important aspects to look at and it’s important to take into account that different accommodation is suitable for different purposes.


A motel is a simple version of a hotel, designed specifically for travelers by car. They are often strategically located after a highway or other roads, with the possibility of parking right outside the door. Staying in a motel is a good solution for those who travel in smaller groups, don’t need large rooms and are only staying for a shorter period. The rooms are often small with facilities such as towels, bed linen and a simple breakfast and you don’t have to think about cleaning. Cooking facilities are rarely available in the rooms, so prepare yourselves to go out for both lunch and dinner. There are always staff on site to help you with a quick check-in and check-out, directions or other questions. Checking into a motel is often an affordable and convenient option if you don’t plan to stay for an extended period of time. Keep in mind, however, that there may be a limited number of rooms, so if you are traveling in a large group, the rooms should be booked well in advance.

Apartment hotel

Apartment hotels are a comfortable accommodation solution for both smaller and larger groups and provide a homely feeling. Compared to a motel, you will not only have more space, but you also get access to amenities such as a living room with TV and separate bedrooms. Sometimes there is only a small kitchenette, and sometimes there is a fully equipped kitchen. At our apartment hotel in southern Stockholm, we have the real kitchens. There are also washing machines and dryers in all apartments, which makes it easier for long-term travelers. The opportunity to cook in the apartment and socialize with colleagues in a nice environment makes the stay both more pleasant and cheap. At the apartment hotel in Slagsta, you can book weekly cleaning and we have staff on site for any questions or concerns. If you travel in a larger group, there are financial advantages by not having to book several small hotel rooms. The prices compared to motels can vary from city to city, but the motels are often cheaper for a small group and short trips. But the bigger group and the longer your stay is, it becomes financially advantageous to use an apartment hotel or to rent a house.

Business apartment

A business apartment and an apartment in an apartment hotel are very similar on the inside. The size and appearance of the apartments of course vary from residence to residence, but the amenities are often the same. You book your apartment with the number of beds that suits the group and you also get a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom , living room with TV and WiFi. At Corporate Apartments, you get a washing machine and a dryer in the apartment, but through other companies you might have access to a joint laundry room in the building. In all our business apartments there are cleaning supplies, but it is also possible to book cleaning through us. The biggest difference between business apartments and apartment hotels is that the business apartment does not necessarily have to be adjacent to other business apartments and there is no reception. This gives the opportunity to book apartments in different locations. For those who work in town, it can be convenient to be close to the workplace, especially if it concerns a company apartment in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö or other big cities. Apartment hotels need to have larger facilities which, for the cost-efficiency, are often placed just outside the center and the motels are often located along high ways and big roads. Business apartments are available for rent both in the center of the city but of course also in the suburbs and outside the town, so you can adapt the location completely to the needs of the staff and the location of the workplace.

Business apartments are often rented out for a longer period of time and become cheaper the longer the stay is. For longer projects, business apartments are usually the best type of accommodation both financially and in terms of convenience. The landlords often have flexible terms and can come up with a deal that suits the company and the work project.


Renting a house is also an affordable and flexible option for the large group, especially if it concerns a longer stay. Here, the employees have plenty of space for their belongings and social areas to hang out in. Unlike business apartments, most houses have spacious kitchens with a large fridge and freezer, which is perfect if you want to go grocery shopping or bring your own food from home. In the big kitchens everyone can cook and eat together. Usually the houses have access to a garden or patio, which is perfect for dinners during the summer months, activities or for those who just want to enjoy some fresh air. All Corporate Apartments houses are adapted to larger groups and therefore almost always have several bathrooms, so you can avoid crowding and queues in the morning when everyone wants to shower and brush their teeth at the same time. Washing machine, cleaning equipment, kitchen utensils, sheets and towels are on site and you also get free access to high-speed wifi and TV. Parking is always available next to the houses, which are located in quiet and pleasant areas.

Just as with business apartments, the houses are advantageously rented for longer periods, the longer the stay, the more affordable. Compared to many other landlords, Corporate Apartments has adapted the rental terms and conditions to our customers’ industry and will help with specific requests and questions.



It can sometimes be tricky to travel and work in new countries. Where can I find food in a unknown city? What clothes should I pack? Planning your business trip can feel complicated, but with some great apps, you can simplify the whole trip!
We’ve listed 10 apps that we think streamline your corporate trip in Sweden!

Google Maps

You might be familiar with Google Maps, but did you know that you can search for restaurants, cafés, bars and shops close to you? No problem! And you can of course have it to help navigate throughout the city your in.

Google Translate

With Googles great translation app you can get help with understanding the language of the country your in. Did you know that Google Translate also have a conversation-function? It’s easy to use. With the conversation-function built into the app, you can choose your language, the language you wish to translate to and then talk into the app. The app will then translate what you’ve said in real-time.


Tripadvisor is a service where you can lookup things to do in the city your in, but also restaurants where you can eat, bars to take a drink or other exciting places to visit. They are one of the most popular review-apps for restaurants in Sweden. Take a look at the reviews if you’re unsure what to choose.


Uber is a world-wide company with easy taxi services. They are still not active in all cities in Sweden, but if you’re staying in one of the larger cities, Uber is a simple way of grabbing your taxi. Track the arrival time of your booked car on your phone, be welcomed by a professional driver, take a comfortable seat and let the Uber app even take care of payment. As easy as it should be!


Valuta+ is an easy and free currency converter. They have a simple user interface and supports more than 170 currencies. A simple way to get a little better overview of the prices in the country you’re staying in.


Staying in Stockholm? SL is the app where you can navigate through public transport in Stockholm. You can plan your trip and buy tickets directly in the app.

Västtrafik To Go

If you’re staying in Gothenburg or Borås, SL does not work. Västtrafik is the company taking care of public transportation in western part of Sweden, around Gothenburg. You can plan your trip and buy tickets directly in the app. They also support many payment cards from foreign contries.

SMHI Väder

SMHI stands for Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. They have one of the most popular weather forecast-apps. Enter the city your in (or planning to go to) and see how the weather might be!

foodora: Beställ mat online

Foodora is an app where you can order restaurant food and other supplies directly to your place with home delivery. Foodora is available in many cities in Sweden and more and more restaurants and cafés is starting to connect to the service. An easy way to get food if you don’t know where to go!

Packr Travel Packing List

Packr will help you save time and make a smart packing list for your stay. A quantity can be set for each item, some items’ quantity will be automatically adjusted to the length of your stay. You can of course also create your own packing lists.

We will soon enter the month of December. A time that for many means a well-deserved vacation. This year, however, is a different year. We can not travel or socialize as usual. Regardless of whether you go home or stay with us this Christmas, we hope you will feel at home.

We follow current restrictions and our cleaning staff are extra careful with the cleaning. You can always feel safe when living in our houses or apartments.

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