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Sweden is a beautiful country!

Are you going to work in a new city you’ve never been to before? We’ve collected some nice tips of what you can do in the city you’re going to visit. Activities, restaurants and walking paths. Regardless of whether you’re going to work in the city for a shorter or longer time, there’s always something nice to find in the city you are going to! Read more in our articles below.

Borås is an old city with many nice places to visit, in the middle of Västra Götaland in southern Sweden. The city is famous for its old textile industry which you can also spot on the many elegant and rustic buildings around the city. Borås offers a charming town centered around the river Viskan, which once provided power for the industry. A couple of steps from Viskan you’ll find Borås own piazza, Sandwalls Plats, which is surrounded by great restaurants, shops and nice cafés. If your family is visiting you over the weekend, we can recommend the award-winning Borås Djurpark, which is a zoo, or the exciting Navet Science Center.

If you want to grab something to eat, there is many great options based on what you like. At Pitcher’s, Tugg Burgers and Hell’s Burgers you can find great meat and burgers. If pizza appeals to you more, Cyrano or Pizza Hut is a great choice. If you want to take something to drink you will find many bars all around the city centre. Café Viskan is a popular place where you can enjoy both breakfast and lunch – or just grab a coffee and something sweet to eat. In the spring and summer-time Café Viskan, as well as many other cafés and restaurants around the city, open up for an outdoor seating in the sun.

If you need to buy something, or just want to go out for some sporadic shopping, you will find many great clothing stores and other wide range stores around the main square Stora Torget and Sandwalls Plats.

While in town, don’t forget to see the famous 9 meter tall statue of Pinocchio, located in the roundabout a 3 minute walk from Sandwalls Plats.

Borås beautiful nature
Calm down in the nature

Borås offers many ways to calm down and take a walk in the nature if you feel like it. In the city centre you’ll find the park Stadsparken with beautiful flowers and calming water. Just outside the city you’ll find the lake Ramsjön where you can take a nice walk by yourself and enjoy the beautiful environment.

Visit Borås Zoo with your family
Visit Borås Djurpark with your family

Borås Djurpark is a famous zoo that is the perfect place to go to if your family is visiting you over the weekend. The zoo has about 500 animals of 80 different species.  They have everything from lions, tigers, elephants and zebras to seals, flamingos and reindeers. The zoo is open from 9th april until 25th of september.

Lund is a charming city in southern Sweden with many attractions for visitors. The historical city center is build around Stortorget and Domkyrkan, the big cathedral, which is over 900 years old. Among cobblestone streets and medieval buildings you will find several nice parks, restaurants, cafés, shops and bars. despite it’s small size, Lund is a very livly city with many events and activities since it’s one of Swedens most popular university cities and therefore filled with students. But there is also a lot to see and do with a group of colleagues, or with your visiting family.

Where to eat

On the street Klostergatan, only a few blocks away from Domkyrkan, you will find Creperiet in a yellow house with plastered facade. Here you can enjoy Crepes and Galettes with lots of different toppings for both breakfest, brunch, lunch and dinner. Gattostretto is an italian restaurant where you can get a nice and affordable pasta for lunch. If you are craving a burger, there are places like Tugg Burgers, Shade Burgers, Burger 13 and Surf Shack. If you’re having a heard time deciding on what to eat, Lunds Saluhall is worth a visit. You can stroll around stalls and shops with delicacies and fresh groceries in the trading part and then sit down on which ever restaurant attracts the most.

crepes i lund


What to see

Lunds Domkyrka, with its rich history and beautiful architecture, is one of the major tourist destinations in southern Sweden. Whether you want to sit in on a service or just want to see the beautiful cathedral from a distance, it’s for sure worth a vist if you’re in the area. The cathedral is centrally located between Stortorget and Lundagård, which is one of the city’s beautiful parks. Other well visited green areas are Stadsparken where you can enjoy beautiful nature, go skateboarding or work out in the outdoor gym. The botanical garden, located just east of the city center, is an obvious stop during the summer months. Other popular destinations to visit is Häckebärga slott, Skissernas Museum, Konsthallen or Historiska Museet.

What to do – with colleagues

Do you and your colleagues have a free moment and want to do something together? In Lund there is something for everyone. Bowling, disc golf, padel or go-kart for the restless ones. Shopping in the city center or Nova Lund shopping center. Maybe end the evening with a movie at one of Lunds cinemas? If you like flea markets and are in Lund between April and September, a vist to Södra Esplanaden on Saturdays might be something for you. Lots of people gather here to sell used clothes and gadgets.

What to do – with the family

If the family is visiting over the weekend, there are a variety of fun activities for the children. If the weather is nice, you can take the opportunity to visit the playgrounds in Stadsparken and Tunaparken, or fins the closest playground here. During rainy days, a visit to Högevall’s inside waterpark is a good choice.

Kulturen is a museum that consists of several cultural-historical houses and gardens. Here you can enter the different houses and experience life in the city and in the countryside, in different eras. You can also choose from around twenty exhibitions, so there is something for all ages. Vattenhallen Science Center is also a fun place to visit. The children get to experiment with a focus on science and technology.

We hope you have time to see and enjoy this city during your work stay!